Of immediate concern of the first batch of Merville homeowners, was to find a place where they can worship without having to go out of the subdivision. Initially, they took turns in inviting priests who celebrated Sunday Mass at their carports. Having already banded themselves as early as 1965 as the Merville Park Homeowners Association, they soon arrived at a group decision to put up themselves a temporary chapel at an empty lot at the corner of Longbeach and Rivera Streets owned by Ernesto  and Marie Gonzales. Imbued with the spirit of Bayanihan, all men individually pitched in to build the crude make ship structure.

Merville at that time was considered as part of the Parish of St. Andrew of the town of Parañaque, but it was soon attached to the newly created Parish of San Martin de Porres of the older United Parañaque Subdivision.

On April 20, 1969, His Eminence, Rufino Cardinal Santos, issued a decree creating Merville, as a new parish, and Fr. Dalmacio Eusebio was installed as its first parish priest. On June 10, 1969 Cardinal Santos officiated at the ground breaking and laying of cornerstone ceremonies where existing community and religious organizations were represented.

Construction of the parish church was started soon after this, following the designs and plans made by Architect Enracio Mariano, a homeowner. The church, however was not formally inaugurated until 10 years. Not till December 1979 did the consecration rites, presided by the Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence, Jaime Cardinal Sin, finally take place. At that time, Fr. Dalmacio Eusebio had left Merville and Fr. Wilfredo Ipapo was the OLBL Parish Priest.


Name of the Parish

A 1966 study made by Prof. Francisco Albano, a Merville KC member, showed that one of the honorific titles of the Blessed Mother was Madre de Amor Hermoso or the Mother of Fair Love. The KC Council changed it to Our Lady of Beautiful Love and made it the Council’s name. When Merville was declared a parish, it was decided by Community to adopt the same name for the parish.




Our Love Builds Life

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