Commissions & Ministries/Programs

Commission on BEC Animation and New Evangelization (ComBANE)


ComBANE shares the Parish’s vision of being communion of communities which is finding expression in the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC), BEC as a way of life is an instrument of formation and evangelization where Christ is brought to the daily lives and concerns of parishioners, more specifically, among neighbors. This core program is the main task of the Apostolate committee initiated through regular meetings of neighbors, sharing the Gospel and their pains, struggles and victories. These small Christian communities become the local incarnation of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

  • The Kapitbahayan (Neighborhood)
    • Area Block Rosary
    • Area Mass


Coordinator                                        :               Resi Maralit


Area Coordinators:

Area 1                                                   :               Beth Mapa/Cynia Margallo/Edna Miraflores

Area 2                                                   :               Elyn Cantimbuhan/Butch Roces/ Beebot Javier

Area 3                                                   :               Mel & Ricky Domingo/  Boi Mojica/ Nani  Alcoseba

Area 4                                                   :               Marite Panopio/FX & Vissia Martinez/Tess & Ernie Vallejos

Area 5                                                   :              Nestor Sagayadan/Ricky and Mina Reyes

Area 6                                                   :               Rosalie Valera/Linda Macaisa/Wella Mayor

Area 7                                                   :               Corazon Reyes/ Johnny/Marite Calixto

Area 8                                                   :               Berna del Norte/Ledy Perez

Area 9                                                   :               Ramon Bernales

Area 10                                                 :               Sally Angeles/Mely de la Vega/Tess Atiga

Area 11                                                 :               Norie Valdez/Analyn Alfornon

Area 12                                                  :              Baby Agarap/Edna Belitario


Commission on Family (COF)


COF was organized in the Parish to strengthen family life as a potent force of Christian life – this is the main goal of the Commission on Family. Its activities include a Pre-Cana seminar, responsible parenthood seminar for couples planning to get married, marriage counseling, and pro-life advocacy. It is committed to protect and safeguard the life that Jesus gave us, to fulfill the mission of making Christian families the stronghold of society and the Church, as well as to be bearers of good news in the third millennium.
A Family Life Center, situated in the parish office, is ready to minister provide guidance to all family members.

  • Marriage and Family Life Ministry 
  • Senior Parishioners Apostolate


Coordinator                                        :               Bel & Gary Mariano       

Marriage and Family Life               :               CFM, CFC, ME

Sr. Parishioners Apostolate          :               Jun Dabao

Solo Parents                                       :

House Helps Ministry                     :               c/o K of C



Commission on Service and Human Promotion (COSHP)


COSHP is the Social Welfare arm of the Parish Pastoral Council. The COSHP’s main activities lean towards social concern and eventually, social transformation. Such activities include the weekly feeding program, Medical Clinic, various livelihood programs, and a scholarship program. This is in line with the Parañaque diocese’s goal of establishing a functional Human Promotion and Development Program oriented towards social transformation

  • Disaster and Risk Management
  • Feeding Program
  • Livelihood Program
  • Parish Clinic
  • Scholarship Program


Coordinator                                        :               Chat Aganon

Members                                            :               Precy Guevarra

May Lee Teh

Ivy Abenojar

Beth Jumaquio


COSHP Associate Mandated Organizations with Service to Human Promotion Missions:

CWL                                                       :               Cora Anonuevo

Knights of Columbus                       :               Butch Roces

DMII                                                      :               Vissia Martinez

 Scholarship Program:               Josie Santamaria

Nestor Sagayadan

Rita Dayrit

Tess Vallejos

Sally Angeles

Parish Health Care Program         :               Dra. Linda Apolinar

Health & Wellness Group             :               Vicenta Gonzales

Counselling                                         :               Josie Santamaria



Commission on Liturgy, Worship And Popular Religiosity (CLPR)


CLPR concerns itself with all Parish activities that have to do with worship, namely; liturgical functions, para-liturgical and public devotions, as well as church Music. The main responsibility of CLPR is to see to it that all liturgical celebrations are well prepared and celebrated so that a person who attends them will be drawn closer to the Eucharistic Body of Christ. To do this, the committee has to properly coordinate the tasks and responsibilities of the Liturgical Ministries

  • Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Ministry of Altar Servers
  • Ministry of Lectors, Commentators and Psalmists
  • Ministry of Sacristans
  • Ministry of Ushers, Greeters and Collectors
  • Music Ministry


Coordinator                                        :               Hada Chan

Member                                              :               Aida Amandy

Apostleship of Prayer                     :               Emma Reyes

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Coordinator                                        :               Jojo Aquino

Parish Ministry to the Sick and the Home-Bound                    :               Ramon Bernales

Ministry of Altar Servers               :               Lito & Beebot Javier

Lectors,  Commentators& Psalmists         :               Tess Teng

Mother Butler Guild                        :               OIC – Anching Tulio

MUGC                                                  :               Sally Galan

Music Ministry                                  :               Wella Mayor & Mae de Vera

Communication & Media

Coordinator                                        :               OIC – Mina Reyes

Liturgical Arts                                    :               Hada Chan & Baby Yulo


Commission on Catechesis and Religious Education (ComCARE)


ComCare assists and serves the parish principally as an information center regarding catechetical development; coordinating with the various Catholic education associations in the Diocese on matters affecting the promotion and development of Catholic education in the Parish. The ComCARE primarily aims to provide spiritual development programs for parishioners such as the regular catechism classes conducted by volunteer catechists and the spiritual formation seminars.

  • Catechetical Ministry
    • Sunday School 
    • Weekly Area Catechism
    • Sacramental Catechism
  • Formation Ministry
    • Parish Renewal Experience
    • Pariah Renewal Experience Youth
    • Life in Spirit Encounter
    • Youth Life in Spirit Encounter
    • I am No Moses Seminar


Coordinator                                        :               Marite Panopio

Developing Areas                             :               Lindy Santiago/Joseph Vallejos

Sunday school                                   :               Wezi Raymundo

Nani Dabao

Jenny Lejano

Tin Cristobal

Sacraments                                        :               Lindy Santiago

Joseph Vallejos

Formation                                       :               Myra Lapus

Louie Julian

Edna Miraflores


Commission on Youth (COY)


COY helps the youth of the Parish focus their attention on the love of God and neighbor. Its programs and activities strive to bring out leadership qualities, develop skills in music and communications, foster a team spirit among the youth while at the same time giving glory to God. COY provides and organizes integral formation and training programs that address spiritual growth, leadership, unity, justice, and social responsibility for the youth and youth leaders. It is the  Parish’s dream to have a functioning and empowered youth in the parish.

  • Go Fish


Coordinator                                        :               Kean Ceniza

Rafu Bunye

Bianca Santos







Commission on Communication (CC)

CC was established to respond to the parish goals and activities to be well understood, participated in, and appreciated by parishioners, it has to have an effective communication medium. The Commission on Communication  is primarily tasked to disseminate news of parish activities and programs, documents important events and milestones, and link the parish to all the various committees and mandated organizations. It does these through the parish publication, bulletin boards, announcement at the masses and Internet’s Social Media, and  the Parish Website.

  • Ministry on Liturgical Visuals
  • Ministry of Mass Media 
  • Ministry on Publications
  • Online Communication Ministry 



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